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In the spirit of accuracy,efficiency,punctuality and formality, Ningbo LALA- TRANSLATION. is devoted to catering the needs of every customer with high-quality service.
After years of operation, we have accumulated rich experience in field translation and established an integrated quality-control system. Winning praise and support from various circles, we spare no efforts in choosing qualified staff, who always give reliable performances. In view of long-term cooperation, we always think vicariously for our customers in all aspects and help them optimize time, energy and cost in a practical way....

Consultation for business information,language tutoring, overseas sourcing and liaising, investing in China,etc.
Guidance for traveling,shopping...

Written translation
Industrial project: large project bidding, category manual, installation manual, user's manual, ...   

Available languages
Over 40, like English, Japanese, Germany, French, Russian, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Finnish, Vietnamese, ...   


General Documents refers to the documents with less specialty and difficulty involved; Specialized Documents, as its name indicated, are the papers with much ...   


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