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  • Product Name: Plastic Injection Molding Machine
  • Model No: HS-4000-D
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Model HS4000 Toggle Clamping Injection Molding Machine
The Parameters of Model HS4000 Toggle Clamping Injection Molding Machine

Description Unit HS4000
Injection unit  
Screw No.   A B C
Screw diameter mm 65 70 75
Screw LD ratio L/D 25 23 22
Theoretical injection capacity cm3 1230 1427 1638
Injection weight(PS) g 1119 1298 1490
Injection pressure Mpa 211 182 158
Plasticizing capacity(PS) g/s 38.2 44.9 51.4
Screw speed rpm 0~185
Clamping unit  
Clamping force KN 4000
Mould moving distance mm 700
Tie bar spacing mm 725×725
Max. mould thickness mm 860
Min. mould thickness mm 280
Ejector stroke mm 180
Ejector force KN 130
Ejector bar amount PC 9
Max. pump pressure Mpa 16
Pump motor power KW 37
Heating power KW 26.8
External dimension(L×W×H) m 7.1×2.15×2.29
Weight t 17
Material cylinder capacity L 50
Oil tank capacity L 900


Frontispiece dimension of mould Profile dimension of mould

Our model HS4000 toggle clamping injection molding machine is a double-cylinder injection molding machine. Its clamping force is 4000 KN, and toggle stroke is 700mm. The internal spur of tie bar of HS4000 is 725×725mm, and module capacity is in the range of 280 to 860mm. Besides, the machine has three kinds of theoretic injection volumes, that is, 356cm3, 440cm3, and 532cm3.

Ningbo Chap machinery manufacturing company, a primary toggle clamping injection molding machine manufacturer in China, mainly specializes in producing a variety of specifications of plastic injection molding machines such as energy-saving injection molding machines, interval injection molding machines, hydraulic injection molding machines, and so on. These products are of fine quality, environmental friendly, and reasonable in prices, and extensively accepted by many clients and customers locally and around the world. In addition, our company is located in Ningbo, a large port city of China. Access to convenient transportation reduces the cost of shipping for our customers, and also saves our own purchasing cost of materials. If you are in need of these products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are look forward to cooperating with you.

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